The UnEven Eye
2001-11-14 01:13:04 (UTC)

Gah.. Your Momma Osama.. Lmao.. j/k

Your Momma Osama?
Don't even bother asking. I wouldn't cause hell I don't
have the answer.
I'm bored.. I should be in Utah.. having Mickey
beating me, cause...I threatened to shoot myself in the
Anyway. I have a headache.. and I'm tired as heck.
Screw it.
Bleh.. so fuck you..hehe.. I'm a darling little
child.. so sit on it. Lol.. I said those things when I
6 going on seven to my grandparents..
There isn't much to do.. but talk to people.. that
wish to speak to me.. I feel better about myself.
You think you win but in the end I will screw you over