Blood and Chocolate
2001-11-14 01:10:55 (UTC)

Panties ??? What color ?

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here ! I am babysitting right now ! Fun
stuff ! yea! ummmmmmm today was pretty cool ! Dan came and
visited me again in7th hour ! :) ! !!! and haha when we
were talking after school I don't remember how it came up
but some how it did and that is what kind od panties I have
on and what color !!!!! LOL I pulled up the side so he
could just see the color and strap!!!!! LOL he got so
turned on !!!! LOL ! He was like " ahhhh I have to sit
down" and then he had this straw thing in his mouth and it
was bugging me and I was trying to pull it out of his
mouth and then I grabbed the other end with my teeth !!!!!
haha ! He let go ! But he was like "ahhhh such
temptation ! " LOL !!!!! It was so funny !!!!! today I wore
this like yellow belly shirt with a black sweatshirt and
then these low rise pants and dan and everyone else kept
poking my stomach !!!!! it was so funny !!! and I am like
super tickle-ish (sp?) haha ! but these teachers kept
yelling at me to change! Which is retarded cause we can
wear those !!!!! haha ! it was so crazy ! but I gotta