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2001-11-14 00:28:17 (UTC)

This survey looks familiar

2001/11/12 13:35 A.) Songs
1.) Song that reminds you of waking up in the morning. -
Wake Me up before you Go Go- Wham

2.) Song thats best to drive to work to. - Sucker- New
Found Glory

3.) Song thats best to drive home from work to. - Loco-
Coal Chamber

4.) Song thats best on Sunday afternoon. - Stepphanwolf-
Magic Carpet Ride

5.) Song thats best to listen to at night driving. - Big
Truck- Coal Chamber

6.) Song that's best to listen to at night at home. -
Static X- Wisconsin Death Trip

7.) Song that reminds you of your childhood. - House of
Pain- Faster Pussycat

8.) Song thats best for sex, or reminds you of sex. -
Closer- NIN

9.) Song thats best for when it is raining. - No Stranger
to the Rain- Keith Whitley

10.) Song that reminds you that you're in love. - Love Dump-
Static X

11.) Song that reminds you of traveling. - Ride W/Me- Nelly

12.) Song that reminds you that everything is wonderful. -
AllStar- Smash Mouth

13.) Song that makes you cry. - The Car- Jeff Carson

14.) Song that inspires you to violence.- Breakstuff- Limp

15.) Song that reminds you of death.- The Dance- Garth

B.) Music Groups

1.) Favorite music group. - Twiztid

2.) Favorite song. - The Show Must Go On- Queen

3.) Favorite music group when you were 13. - Poison

4.) Most influential music group to you. - Misfits

5.) Music group that you liked then, but do not anymore. -
Limp Bizkit

6.) Music group that you still like after years and years.-

7.) Music group that you are embarassed that you like. -
Ummm... Backstreet Boys?

C.) Voices

1.) Sexiest male voice. - Gary Allan

2.) Sexiest female voice. - Monica

3.) Most annoying female voice. - Britney Spears

4.) Most annoying male voice. - Aaron Lewis

5.) Male Singers voice that makes you cry. - Bubba Sparxx

6.) Female Singers voice that makes you cry. - Jewel

D.) List the your current top ten albums .

1.) Lifehouse- No Name Face

2.) Nothingface - Violence

3.) Twiztid- Mostasteless

4.) New Found Glory- New Found Glory

5.) Corporate Avenger- Freedom is a State of Mind

6.)Powerman 5000- Tonight the Stars Revolt

7.) Gary Allan- Alright Guy

8.) Wolfpac- Evil is

9.) Poison The Well (my mix)

10.) MSD

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