U think u know, but u have no Idea
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2001-11-14 00:12:47 (UTC)

best friends?

I know my "best friend" is prob gonna read this, but i
don't care. I don't think we're best friends anymore. She
never wants to do anything w/me and always has the same
lame excuse , my mom and i got in a fight and i couldn't
call u, Honestly it would make me feel so much better if
she would just say, I don't wanna talk to u or do anything
w/ u. I'm not stupid. jesus, i mean when she first stopped
returning my phone calls, I was really hurt, and thought
maybe it would blow over. but it hasn't, and i'm sick of
trying to get us together, and she can't do shit. honestly
i could be doing other stuff, then sitting at home waiting
for her. I invite her almost EVERYWHERE, and can she come,
no, never. and of course she never tells me till right
before we (or I) go, it just really pisses me, cuz then I
either go by myself, or with some last resort.but anyway
I'm am gonna write a happy entry after this, so ttyl diary