a little piece of me
2001-11-13 23:54:08 (UTC)


today i had to perform surgery. it sucked some major
ass!!!!! in an phys, we had to sterilize a male and a
female rat. our male bled like crazy. i felt so bad.
he's ok, though (i think). the teacher said it was
normal. i really hope he's ok!! then we got to the
female. the first one i tried to get out of the cage
thingy bit me. i don't blame her one bit! the second one
i couldn't get out, so this guy in class tried to help.
well, she almost got away. then the prof came over to get
her, and she did get out!!! she was running all over the
place. it was great! well, we finally got her back, then
anesthetized her, but she wouldn't go to sleep!!! so me
and my lab partner joined a group that only had 2 people,
and they did the surgery on the female. i hate doing that
shit. for the females, we had to cut through muscle and
remove her ovaries. then we had to stitch the muscle up,
and staple her shut! it was terrible. i wasn't very
happy. then, in a few weeks we have to kill the poor
things and remove what's left of their reproductive organs
and weigh them. i absolutely will not kill them. the prof
can do it, but i won't.

so, that was my thrilling day. oh to be a biology major!!
i could never be a vet...i hate hurting animals. on the
brighter side, in a few weeks we get to look at a
cadaver!! that will be cool. i don't have a problem
cutting up people...just can't do it to animals. i guess
that's because the animals have no say whatsoever. the
cadaver was someone who wanted their body to be donated for
such use, and they died of natural causes. they didn't get
killed just so some kids in a class could hack them up. oh
well. what's done is done.

my contacts are about ready to fall out of my head, so i'm
gonna go take them out. ttfn.