Damsel in Distress

2001-11-13 23:34:11 (UTC)


you've probably heard of those who cum at the gynocologist
office, well i didnt exactly cum. the lady was scraping my
vagina with the cutip and well, i kinda have a heavy period
and a blood clump fell in her hand. she almost threw up. i
felt so bad. the exam was over then, but now i have to go
for a cbc or cvc my friend aaron said it is only a standard
blood test so im not really scared. can you believe in
scared of needles? i have 4 consecutive ear percings in one
ear i have two in the other and a cartilage at the top and
i have an eyebrow ring. im thinking of getting a second
eyebrow ring. i had my tongue pierced but i took that out i
dont wnat my pretty teeth chipped. anyways, just needed to
see what ppl think about the gyno incident. i guess im very
open im not ashamed to do or say anything. im open and
-damsel in distress