It smells like poop over here
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2001-11-13 23:17:39 (UTC)

im think im mad

i was in a good mood earlier. then i found out andrea
FINALLY wants to be completely finished. PHEW! that's a few
pounds of stress of my back. but now im kinda mad. im not
sure, maybe i wanted her to want me, so that when im ready,
we could have gotten back together. there was a time when i
loved her with all my heart, and everything i had. whoa! my
stomach doesn't feel all fuzzy now, prolly cause i got
saying that out of my system. plus im listening to
gwar "fuckin an animal" and sorta dancing. im feelin pretty
good now. now i can ask out this chick that comes to my
work for lunch. she looks a little older than me, and
probably had sex before; oh yeah, im a virgin, so im sorta
waiting for the right girl. kit, at work (algers)
said "mike, i think that girl from staples has a crush on
you." so i says, "why do you say that?" "cause she said 'I
want your stock boy'" oh yeah, i also work in the deli and
up front on the register, so it's not all bad. ohh, another
good song, "crawling in the dark" by hoobastank. i guess
that's all i really have to say for now. actually i have
something else to say, something funny, so if someone
actually reads this, you'll find out later. hehe1. im out.