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2001-11-13 23:12:56 (UTC)

Does Santa Bring College Kids New Roommates?

I know that this question may seem very silly coming from a
college student. I mean at my age, do I really even
believe in Santa Claus anymore? I don't think so! If
there was a Santa that did pop down chimneys, this season I
would ask him for a new roommate.

You may be asking why or you may be wondering if it is that
bad. It is my friends, at least I see it as being that
bad. My friend Kelly got a new roommate because of some of
these things. I wish that I could get one. This all
started with the "smoking in the room thing." She didn't
think I should smoke in the room anymore I said that its a
smoking room and I shouldn't have to go downstairs all the
time and that we needed to compromise. She didn't like
that so she stormed out and then when she came back acted
like the whole thing never happened. That really bothered
me. She was so mad, but she didn't try to resolve it when
she came back. That is only the beginning. She will
totally disregard me when I am in here. If she wants to
sleep, she will turn off my light. She doesn't ask if I am
doing something and need the light she just turns it off.
If I am sleeping in and she is awake, she will blow dry her
hair at 7:30 in the morning like I dont exist! Wouldn't
that bother you if your roommate did that? Then there are
times when I will be in the room listening to music and she
will come in and put the TV on over top of my music, like
it is no big deal or like I wasn't listening to it. She
will do the same if I am watching TV. When I leave an away
message up on the computer she will take it down and sign
on. I do plan on using the commputer when I come back if I
put an away message up. It is these things that can get to
me. Also, when she knew I was sick this week she would
insist on having the window opened. She would open the
fucking window and then leave the room. It made me mad!
Oh and then there was yesterday. Yesterday, I left the
room to go and get something downstairs. I came back and
found my roommate sitting at my desk reading some papers
that I had printed out earlier in the day. They were
sitting to the side of my computer where they are not
easily read. I came back and she was reading them. My
desk, my papers, my roommate reading my papers. Given they
were only some quotes, but it isn't like they were sitting
out and waiting to be read they were off to the side of my
computer, in between the moniter and the speaker. You
would have to pick them to see that they were quotes or any
of anyones business. Now I have to worry about what I leave
laying on my desk. What if she is reading my personal
thoughts in my paper diary that I keep in my room? That
would really piss me off. I dont have any kind of locking
drawer that I can put stuff that is private in. I guess I
just have to hide my personal things. Sigh, oh well. This
is just one of those parts of life I guess. The part of
the quote "Life's a bitch and then you die," where life is
a bitch.

Hey Santa, If you really do exist can you get me a new
roommate for Christmas? Maybe one that is kinda like me
and isn't fake all the time. Maybe one that doesn't
complain about her friends and her boyfriend and then tell
them that they are the best the next minute. Maybe you
could send me a roommate that is smart and I can have an
intellegent conversation with. Maybe she could be someone
who doesn't complain that she is fat and then does nothing
about it! Someone who is thoughtful and considerate. That
would be kind of nice. Is that too much to ask for? Who