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2001-11-13 23:12:34 (UTC)

First Entry

I got bored and I am a very strange person so I decided to
make a diary! Well I guess I will use this one to explain
myself...I am 14 year old skitzo with way too many issues
lol Um.. I love the band Orgy and I like KoRn and Weezer
and I dunno lol I like songs by bands but I will only know
like one song so i don't know if i can say I like the band
lol I get obsessed with things quite easily and I have just
fallen back into an obsession lol but that will be
explained later... I am from Georgia so if a southern
sounding words come out sorry. I am not that fond of preps
to say the least I usually hang out with people who
are 'different' lol Well i don't feel like writing anymore
right now so...

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