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2001-11-13 23:11:28 (UTC)


Today I realized, that no matter how friendly some people
are, or how good they are, that there will always be people
who only look at the outside. It just bothers me so much,
because it just shows how cruddy people can act towards
eachother. And it makes me sad for the world.

Family: For all who have been following the saga of mi
familia... its not goin too good. But i dont wanna whine
about it, and i dont want to worry about it anymore either.
But I hold things in way too much, and I need to let it out
somewhere... so here goes~
I started typing it... but i just can't do it. I think that
I have put up a permanent barrier for sharing my feelings.
At least on this subject. He has never been there. I
remember my mom taking care of us, and taking us to church,
and i remember him coming home late late at night. After
being at a bar, work, or in the garage. I was too young to
realize that he wasn't there, because i didn't know he was
supposed to be. So when he came home, I never wished i he
had been home, because he had never been, and when mom
tucked us all in, i never expected a goodnight kiss from
him. I just grew up not knowing what a father really was.
He was never there, because he didn't want to be. He had
more important things. Missing birthdays, recitals, plays,
concerts, games... missing our lives.

Just the beginning... but i gotta go now. Be back later

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