The gnarly adventures of Stormo
2001-11-13 22:08:39 (UTC)

Am I really wasting this much time?

Well I got to go to the gym eventually. I put some new
streaks in my hair. Went for a walk last night to for a
couple of hours. The painters a dickhead. Who fuckin paints
over redwood cedar??
Shit man is my life really this boring? Fully I reckon I've
been wasting so much time in the last few days. Like I
havn't been doing anything. I should get a refund for the
las few days, can't I have them again? And actually do
something in them? I woke up to early today. Man todays not
looking up either. Fuck it all.
Whys everyone so like "No I can't do anythign today I hafta
study for exams". Fuck exams. Man they fucking suck.

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