my mind is overflowing with crap!
2001-11-13 21:21:49 (UTC)

a beautiful Tuesday

Today was a great day. Lets all started when i
woke up and was actually in a good mood and only had to hit
snooze like 6 times. Which is really good for me. Then I
went to finite and i actually kinda understand it so I
might pass :) (big ol'smile for that) then i went to
english and we had a we wrote stories in our little
mermaid book. It's sounds alot more innocent than what it
is. Let me tell ya.
Then nothing really exciting happened..I got my hair
appointment for tomorrow so my hair wont look like crap
english was pretty good...Jesse talked to me today ..i dont
know why but i find him very amusing :) yet he drives me
crazy. Just one of those guys that flirt way too much for
my liking. the big 3's game is tonight...Karen is bringing
her new man. and , it's free tonight great.
Cause i really cant afford $3 today. what else ..what
else...the college presentation is on friday so i get to
miss school...YEE-HA. And i'm still really pumped for this
danse on Friday....
have to go my mom is quite bitter today