Damsel in Distress

2001-11-13 21:16:13 (UTC)


ok so i cummed in my own face. use a vibrator and curl up
laying on your back, pull legs up towards your head, and
use your back of your legs as arm rests, and when you put
in the vibe it helps reach the g-spot. ok im incredibly
horny so i do so. when i cum, i squirt. like i can squirt
like a guy. i can squirt up to the farthest so far was 6
feet, and i cum hard. well, its just weird i hit myself in
the face. i accidentally ate it before when i forgot to
wash my hands but this time it hit and it hit hard. it
didnt hurt, but it felt weird. its like im used to a guy's
cum in my face, but not my own cum. guys cum tastes good i
didnt get a full taste of mine because i ate it with a
bagel on accident. lol. its better for me using a vibrator
all the time rather than fucking someone constantly.
anyways, i tend to masturbate more than a teenage boy. i
guess thats weird cuz i have like 8 times in one day, and i
have only 3 times in a day, but i havent under 3 times in a
day since i got my vibrator. hehe. i have a gynocologist
appointment in like an hour, im afraid what if i cum on the
doctor? eep. anyways, i got to get going.
-damsel in distress