even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-13 21:11:30 (UTC)

a perfect circle?

so, im in photo and i need to print but not today.. i don't
want to be in the dark room today.. i should print htough,
but im just not in the mood.... so today will be a good
day.. last period we talked baout fear and laothing in las
vegas... and htat was fun.. but of course it made me think
about this summer....more specifically, the fourth of
july... when we saw it, oh man... yea so at meltdown, jeffl
eft early and left zaheer all mescaslined out, and took him
and whomever else was tehre with them home... and the
cleared the place out at 2... zaheer is like, im never
tlkaing to jeff naymore... but.. so joe and the other dude
when home tripping,t eh went hoem at their peak.. and word
might get out that they were zaheers shrooms... which
cwould be bad, so david is keeping htem for him, david is
such a good guy... like, that is above an dbeyond the call
of duty for a friend, seiously... id like to say id do that
for my friend,s but schedule 3 drugs... gee.. i don;t
knwo.... daves a good guy anyway.... i think im goign to
writ ehim an mneail when i get home.. after my dhall..
balh...dhall... aums gonan come get us, me and joselin...
and i think kelly is gonnna go with him after school for a
while... i was kinda looking forward to tlaking ot him, me
an dhim, but there will always be more time for that... i
know hes a cool guy, id just like to get to knwo him
better.. and i will... and also, i want to be comfortable
and be able for it to be just me and him, or just me and
sam, or you know? the individual relationshipos, cause its
great when we're in a group, and i want it to begreat all
the time.. alex mentioned osmehitng abouthow quiet the
keyboards in here are, and they are, they are super
quiet... and easy to type on, man.. easy as... something
very easy to type on.... alex has the mumps or osmething,
the measles, or scarlet fever... so.. ishes sick, ihoep
shes better.. shemight have gotten is form her moms hosue,
although ican't imagaine how.. i hear she sucks... and her
house is super gross.. pooor alex.. her dog calvin has
weird waterfilled scysts, cause hes old... and thast sad...

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