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2001-11-13 21:07:02 (UTC)

*november 13 - not in the mood*

im not in the slightest mood to write and i think that only got like
5 minutes left online but i didnt feel like feeling guilty
and having to write about today tomorrow becaus then it
will be yesterday and it will be all messed up and how the
eff do you spell because?? i used to be so proud of my
spelling ability... far i have an F in math, a D in science and a C in
language arts. DAMMIT! my parents are gonna be so mad. and
ill be grounded for all eternity. i wonder which would be
worse..if my mom caught me with a guy or if my stepdad
caught me not doing my homework? SAD isnt it?? they care
about all the wrong things...they never even notice what a
great kid i am, compared to some of the s i know. god
forbid i get any recognition for not being a sl-t.

and i said i wasnt in the writing mood...hah

ive started a new diet...well not really a diet. ive just
promised myself not to have any sweets or fatty foods, lets
see how long i can last... not to mention a new excersize
thing cuz my flexibility is the worst. but um...

i woke up this morning with so much energy. im wearng my
new pink shirt, i never wear pink. it feels weird. my mom
said i look very different. i wonder if its in a good way?

i had the worst feeling that anthony was mad at me
today...he dint say hi to me till mcas, and even then i
went to go sit with hi. he was extremely tired so i
honestly couldnt tell and i was so worried because jell
said that anthony said that andy told him *everything* and
that could be bad but it might not be...but im not going
into details.

jon gave me a letter. ugh. big problem...he likes me. alot.
why did he have to write that?? he really is trying to
start trouble between me and anthoy, does he think that i
like him? he keeps making me feel bad for him, and putting
me in a totally awkward position. the worst... and i wrote
him a letter back, telling him just that and he looked like
he was gonna cry at lunch. dammit i always know just the
thing to say right?

im such a bish!!! least me and anthony are okay, right? i still
wish i could see him outside of school though...i dont like
always making out in front of everyone its WEIRDNESS
at least today we were at the stairs, and noone was around
but still... maybe he can come over thursday? i doubt it,
and how do i ask without sounding like some lame o?

"hey wanna come over my house?" GAAAYYYY

*sigh* oh well, im just picky. at least im getting some,

well, gotta go

(cant think of a