Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-11-13 20:55:38 (UTC)

Leave me alone!!!

I dunno when it happened, but all the sudden Im getting
noticed, and I hate it. I dont like all the attention. I
like my corner. Steven is like majorly bugging me. He
like, keeps trying to get in my life. He analyzes every
stupid comment I make, and it makes me uncomfortable. He
like gave me a cd today, and hes like, its got the song i
wrote for you on it. *Needless to say, he didnt do it
right so nothing is on there* I was like, trying not to
freak out. Ashley hugged me and I almost started crying.
Shes like, Im sorry. And Im like, see, tears! Im gunna
cry!!! Its like, this is not cool. Like, my lil group i
hang out with at lunch was like, I wanna hear it! I wanna
hear it! There was like, a 10 minute frenzy of getting
everyones cd players to work so they could hear it. It
didnt. I came home and ashley popped it in the cd player,
me cringing. It didnt read. *Snap* What a shame....

Anyhoo... i's gunna go now.

Matt, Mary, Will, ya knows i loves ya guys.