the essence that is me
2001-11-13 20:48:02 (UTC)

just another day

just back home from school which seemed to go by fast thank god.
only problem is my head is pounding and i dont feel very good. well
today seemed to be relatively good. i thought this week would be
such a good week, so far it is. u.s. history it was
fine, not much of my teacher being dumb....catv was so fun nick was
just saying the stupidest things and it would make me laugh, i didnt
really pay attention to dr.bill, i mean i already new what he was
teaching. the second half of catv was fun because ace decided that
he was gonna make a michael jackson thriller video (fyi watch jacko's
concert at 9 tonight) and i get to be the damsell(sp?) in destress.
brendon, ace and josh are gonna be the zombies. their dance was so
funny except for the part where they do pelvic thrust, haha...then
off to habits i took a test and realized i did everything wrong so i
have to go back and fix it tomorrow. i hate learning about this
money unit, money is the key to all that is evil, not girls like
frantzy think!....then went to math, we have new seats which sucks
because i am not near any of my friends. in fact i really cant stand
the people that are around me at all. well i sit next to justin and
he can be so dumb sometime i just want to kick him. he usually says
the stupidest things but today he was ok. the only thing cool about
him is he likes the candy nerds which is my favorite in this whole
entire world. i have a major quiz in there tomorrow and i know i am
gonna do badly because i dont know how to do some of the
stuff....english i wrote some of my essay but have to finish it for
homework. shoot i have to write my benchmark tomorrow and i dont
know what to write it on...then off to tv tech the class is so boring
sometimes but i do enjoy it. franzty and i looked at the college
board 7th period while everyone else worked. then tom came and he
went to the classroom and didnt know to come to the stage. he was
wearing his dark blue sweatshirt that he looks so cute in. at the
beginning of 8th we walked around the school. then we actually did
some work. brant says i didnt but i moved drums and i stacked the
music stands. im a girl what do they expect im not that strong. tom
was playing the drums and he was amazing at them just like he is at
everything else! it was fun hanging out on the stage but the lights
really took their toll on my headach. brant sort of made me mad
because he kept saying things that he wasnt supposed to talk about,
trying to tell someone something without telling them directly which
it really isnt his place to tell that person. i know he just wants
me to be happy and stuff but i should do it on my own and not be
forced into telling someone something. he is trying to help but
really is making it harder for me to tell the person. anyways this
is so off topic but i think that it is so funny that all these girls
are throwing themselves at this new kid nathan from atlanta when he
is the one that came up and talked to me. i mean hes a little preppy
boy but has good taste in music and obviously good taste in people he
wants to talk to, jk, no but really he doesnt because he is friends
with the biggest bitch of all and all her preppy little stuck up
friends. i hate it when that happens, when someone new comes and get
caught up with the "cool" crowd who are assholes while they
themself is very nice. but hey what can i say im not the one
throwing myself at him plus he isnt as cute as everyone thinks. i
thought that he was a senior when i talked to him but i guess looks
can be decieving. hopefully tomorrow will be a good day because
hopefully greg will have burned me the flickerstick cd:)
i love the song "beautiful" i didnt like flickerstick when
they were on the vh1 show because i liked soulcracker but now i love
them, they are amazing!