The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2001-11-13 20:35:24 (UTC)


Well hello..My name is Ronnie and I am here to tell you
about my life.OK well here is a little summary about what
im going to be talking about..
In early spring close to April, I was just getting out
of rehab and hanging back out with my old friends. At that
time I was hangin around with Alabama and going to all his
parties, until I met Lukasz.When I had 1st met him I really
never thought much of him. Like we were friends and all and
I knew him before that, But it was never like we knew
each other and hung out.We used too the summer before at the
half pipe, but after that I really never saw him that much
for a while..So any wayz I started seeing more of Luke and
more, and more.So I started to make it a daily routine to
chill with Luke. When I started to chill with Christine
again she had alot of doubts about Luke, but that had all
changed once she got to know him. When she had gotten to
know him is when I started to feel for him. I was the first
person Lukasz ever tried ecstasy with. We made that a
special memory and swore to never forget it. Witch I never
have and never will. There was not a day I wouldnt see Luke
or Christine either. Us three together fit perfect I felt
it, so we named ourselves C.R.L wich stood for Christine,
Ronnie, and Lukasz..Sweet hah...Yea guess so even though
not knowing that eventually we would break up. The happy
summer months went on with happiness, drama, and fights.
When Luke's cousin came was when everylittle thing changed.
During those two weeks or week, Was when everything
shattered into little pieces. I had told luke that I liked
him and from there it was like " Boom " !! Things just
started to get out of control between the three of us.
Christine was just starting to go with Peter, and I had
been left to just sit arround and watch..Well that didnt
work for me so I had the advantage to still make some
moves on Lukasz. Luke and I use to flirt all the time
until school started. That Was Until The Third Week Of
School....When Luke and I had finaly split up..All becuase
of Nick Cizon.. Well i'll give you more detail you will
just have to wait till I get more in to the story, then you
will understand. For Now Bye Bye's....