dismal life
2001-11-13 20:34:40 (UTC)

Almost heart broken..

I guess I STILL have issues with the man. Why does he hurt
me so much. I know I am a very emotional person but he
makes me feel like last place. I'm nothing to him, just
someone to claim his own. So? I can't take this shit. I
need to relax...A blunt would do me very well right now.
GOD PLEASE HELP ME. I have no one else to turn to...

Too busy feeling sorry for myself again...

I think it's time for me to be on my own and collect
myself. I used to be so free and happy...Now I just feel
confined and defiled...Suits me very well.

I'm still taking my medication but it's not helping very
much. IT JUST HAD TO HAPPEN NOW! When I'm swamped with work
and having "boy" problems. BLAH!

And on my easel I drew
While I was thinking of you
And on the roof of my head
In came my five string serenade

-Mazzy Star-

Yea...couldn't stop listening to that song...reminds me of
Mikey...nooo. I'm getting depressed...PEACE