All About Toria
2001-11-13 20:28:57 (UTC)

Trust is a big thing to have right?

Sunday night I got really drunk at Kim and Aaron's house.
With them and Mikey and Myka. Mikey left early. So it was
just the four of us. It was kinda boring but aight. We
walked to Haggens at one point, and I saw the finest guy!
lol. He looked like a cuter Eminem, and Eminem is fine as
hell! and Myka were getting kinky and Kim and
Aaron wanted to go to bed. Yeah well I felt like throwing
up, so I called a cab to go home. Myka wasn't too happy but
too bad. lol...

I had the nicest cab driver that night. :) I got home and
my mom was all, "It's 12 o'clock!" Kinda making it seem
like it was late, but early for me. Then I went on the
comp, cuz sure enough I wasn't about to go to bed yet.

On the computer was some people. And this guy who's like my
bestest buddy right now. (Judge) And I was talking to him,
just saying whatever stuff. Then Plat. P and Forbidden pop
up and start talking about the thing I said to Judge. I was
so mad. I still can't beleive he told them. I mean it
wasn't that big of a thing to tell, but I didn't think that
if I said something to him that everyone online would know
what I was saying. It's like all the trust is gone now. And
I trusted him so much. I coulda told him my biggest secrets.

Well now, since he is my bestest buddy I just don't know
what to do ya know? Cuz I love talking to him, but now it's
like I have to always watch what I say. I really wonder if
I should just stop talking to him all together. It aint
like he'd really care, atleast I don't think he would. He
talks to other girls and shit. Like he couldn't just
replace me. lol. Damn though, he made me cry. I don't think
anybody on the Net has ever mad me cry, sad cries atleast.

Well I guess that's something I should just leave be. For
now, I just won't tell him shit that I don't want everyone
else to know. When I'm talking to him, it'll be like I'm
takling to the people, not just him. lol...sounds about

Anyways...back to normal, I'm really adoring this song, "It
Dont Matter" by Rehab. I've been listening to it for so
long now. lol.

So in my love life lately, hmm...What has been up...Well
Friday I got kinky with Mikey. Sunday I got kinky with
Myka. But I don't have an interest in either of um.
Actually I'm kinda interested in these two guys. One is
this guy Patrick who lives maybe two miles from me. He
seems really nice and cool and shit, but I don't know. The
other is this guy Anthony. I've known his cousin Patty
since the 8th grade. And now Patty is trying to hook the
two of us up. I haven't kicked it with them yet, but I know
when I do, Anthony is going to ask me out. And yeah like I
can say no! Even if I don't really care for him.

So I guess I've been putting that off for a little lol.
They wanted to kick it today but I didn't. I had this
killer hang over yesterday and like I wanna do anything
today. Especially kick it with my soon2be boyfriend. But he
does seem pretty... :) I dunno...

Did I talk about Garrett last time? I don't remember. Well
he's been real nice to me for some time now, but I really
don't like him at all. And so I haven't kicked it with him
or anything. He always tries to make plans though, and I
say, "I dunno." But yeah, he tried to make some plans the
other day, and it was seeming like he just wanted to have
some nice sex with me, so I got a little blunt. He was
like, "You should come over my house tomorrow." and I was
like, "Nah, I don't want to." and he got mad, saying
Whatever. God damn, I hate that word! So yeah, for now he's
outta my life. As well as Katie, I guess lol.

She pissed me off yesterday. Freaking out on me, saying she
hate's Patty and doesn't wanna hear about him or his
cousin. So I was like, "Okay, I'll disclude you from that
part of my life." and she was, "Best friend's shouldn't
disclude each other from parts of their lifes!" So fuck it.
I'm not trying to please her here. I mean shit...she's
nothing really.

Much Muahz, Love Always,