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2001-11-13 19:35:32 (UTC)

No willpower

Ok so sue me! I HAD to talk to him so like after 20 minutes
I broke down and started talking to him. Of course I was all
paranoid so I told him that I hoped he knew that he could
bug me when he saw me online too. And he said that he didn't
know I was online, that he had just come on to look
something up. Sigh of relief. I soooo don't want him to
think that I am bugging him or something. And I felt like
such a frickin stalker. I mean I was just sitting there
waiting for the guy yo talk to me and finally I just
couldn't take it anymore and went ahead and talked to him.
Oh well. That and he was cracking the short jokes again.
He's such a goof. Like I asked him if he wanted to go to
school for me and he's all like "Someone would have to bend
me over first" LOL. Big dork. So cute though. Aw man, I'm
pathetic. I've got it bad, I tell you. So then I had to
leave and he told me he would talk to me later and to take
care. Aw, damn I miss him. And my God, I was thinking awhile
ago about the frickin pedastle I have that guy on. Like for
God's sake people, don't tarnish my beautiful image of him.
I'm such a retard. Oh well no one can say that I don't have
it bad for him. I knew the moment I laid eyes on him that he
was the only one for me. And I'm so bad too cuz the other
day I was actually thinking of ways to break the two of them
up. Not that I actually WOULD but the thought occurred to
me. I'm evil.

Current mood: Scheming
Current music: none, I'm in the lab- however "Cinderella" by
Britney Spears is in my head (=

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