American Spirit
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2001-11-13 19:08:22 (UTC)

Lights on a dreary hill

Don't think that the title means more than it does. I am
content and happy and trying to move. Trying to keep my
head above me. Another roommate down. This time one of
the orrigionals. But it's okay we have another comming the
same day. And this one is staying awhile. Trying to
forget we will owe meny to bills he is not paying. Trying
to forget him. Hoping for more happiness, cleanliness.
Regaurdless, we do not talk or play anymore, and I suppose
since he never was interested in helping anyone but
himself, it's for the best. I am comfortable in this
change for the first time.I expect to wave good-bye smiling
but maybe only on the inside. Living with another girl
again. But she's cool and not someone who will bug me. I
think I will be happy for a while. Hoping things are going
okay with my partner. I think they are but... I am
unsure. I will ask him when I get a chance. I will ask
him if he is happy. I still think about her so far away.
I still miss her whole heartedly. I hope she is doing well
and i don't know where exactly she lives at the moment so
it is hard for me to call her. I hope she reads this. I
hope she understands that I love her and that she will
always be my friend.