the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2001-11-13 17:55:07 (UTC)

life keeps getting busier

its definately been a long week to weekend to week again
david caught his flight last thursday and then saturday
morning i was off to Rockford Il 2 hours north of Chiacgo
i was so excited that we were getting to go
ended up being one of the best performances....the bonding
time was undescribeable...God is relly working with this
group and we are growing stronger everyday....Addie braided
my hair saturday night in the tiniest braids all over my
head ...i got plenty of pictures was sooo cute but i
had to take them out last hair was crimped
beyond crimped this morning before i took a shower

the latest breaking news is that i have poison oak all over
my body and its spreading as we speak...i scratched at it
so much yesterday i dont even want to know where all i
touched or any possible places it could be spreading.....

but anyway back to the weekend adventure we met up with
Crowley in Chicago and ate at Ed Debevics...the AKA rude
restaurant ...i was sooo disappointed he wasnt rude at all
he played around but wasnt rude....
then we drove over to the house of blues and got souveniers
and stuff and then we hit the roadage again ........home we

josh and i had a discussion on sunday night after i got
back about how we didnt know what we were but he didnt want
anything serious right as i see it.....we are
together with out a title and things are in stop mode for
the time being.... we arent going forward but we arent
going backwards either....we are happy with the way things
are now...and j baby if you are reading this i will tell
you over and over that you can take all the time you need
im fine with where we are now!!! love you

but im gonna go head to get some lunch with my little bro
and then wake my baby love all