thouhgts of Sam
2001-11-13 17:40:32 (UTC)

Math Models

I am sitting here in math models and I saw the open computer
so I thought I would take this chance to update the diary.
I dont know what's gonna happen today but I am anxios to
find out, I am in a good mood, I'm not sure whybut i think
its cause i got to see crystal today. But I know I will
have fun tonight I am going to go to katys house and I think
she is gonna make us food...YaY! Food I'm so happy and I'm
so hungry I didnt get to eat any breakfast, so I am so very
hungry. I have some money but I'm not sure if I want to
spend it on school food, I mean I know I will hit the
stupid snack machine but I really want some M&M's. Peanut,
YMMMM. But anyway I think I'm ready to leave I have to go
to work tongith but I think it will be ok I mean it's only
dr. smith that I have to worry about, dr dodd will be there
but he never has anything on the schedule. I hope jesse's
stupid ass will work tonight, cause he is lazy as shit and
it pisses me off cause I work so hard to get out on time and
he just kind of stands around until it is almost time to
leave and then before we are completly finished he wants to
leave, and that's kind of annoyin when I get there at 3 and
work my ass off till 6:15, I know it's not a long time but
it is hard work espically when I'm the one doing it all and
that is the most annoying thing. But anyway I think I will
get off for now it's almost time to go to goverment. Laters

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