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2001-11-13 17:30:47 (UTC)


*you know you don't have to pretend with me, right?

~yes i do.

*why is that?

~if i didn't, then you'd know the truth.

*'re saying there's a truth to be known?



~i'm saying that there might be a truth you don't know
about, but you wouldn't know because i might be pretending,
and even if you knew for sure that there was a truth you
didn't know about, i wouldn't let you know what it was
because that's just not something i'm ready to do.

*stop speaking in riddles.

~it made perfect sense to me.

*that's because you know exactly what's going on in that
crazy little head of yours. i can't read minds. i have to
take it for what it is, what you tell me, or i can derive
the truth from what i know of you and the way you act. the
fact that you try to act so normal is a dead giveaway that
you're hiding something, and then finding out what it is
isn't all that difficult.

~how do you figure?

*i know you. i've known you for nine years. your mind works
similarly to the way mine does. it's not too hard to figure
out what you mean when you say certain things that are
actually the opposite of what you really mean.