Heart of Tanglewood

The Ravings of a Teenage Girl
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2001-11-13 17:11:52 (UTC)

Beautiful Morning....

Also, during this time for some reason, my brother actually
did his homework the entire time. Maybe he wasn't worried
about me talking to D anymore. In the past few months’s in
school, my brother has miraculously developed male protective
instincts over me.

Well, after that fiasco I decided I do not like D anymore.
Definitely. I'll only like him again if he takes drastic
measures I mean drastic measures to get me to like him.
Which of course I know he won't do. I'm trying to get over
him by talking to Nicole the entire study hall and ignoring
him the entire time. This will serve as two purposes 1.
Ignore him so that I can get over him 2. Make him like me.
(So I can torture him) This may sound sinister but I
seriously doubt that #2 will work anyway so, why not give it
a try? Ever seen that movie "Whatever it takes" with Marla
Sokoloff, Shane West and James Franco? Well that's my

I'm Ashley (minus the sluty clothes, snobby additude and foot
fungus problem) But I'm just going along doing my own thing.
I've got confidence and pride, then here comes along D and
he's starts being mean to me (maybe he wasn't as tactful as
Ryan) and I fall all over him. Then he decideds he doesn't
like me anymore, and I like him even more. Well, I think
I've fallen into the pool at the prom now.*

*Note: The guy Ryan in the movie, he was acually a really
nice guy, unlike D.

Well don't worry. My trek is not over. There will me more
guys. They will be just as impossible as him if not more.
But I don't know, I feel bad. He was my first real crush.
This is the end of an era of innocence for me. I am now a
tainted girl.*

*New Note: this is for drama. I never dated D, nor did
anything with him.