hello kitty cat
2001-11-13 16:59:49 (UTC)

Hi Jason..

So I just read your post...I'm in photo class...Yeah sorry
about last night..I can't help it...sometimes I
just ...ahh..yeah I wanted to call you last night but I
actually layed down for like 5 mins before I was going to
call you...I guess I fell asleep cause I woke up at 1 or
something like that ...and I was giong to call you but I
didn't want to wake you up. I agree about the rushing
thing. If something happens it happens but I don't think we
should rush it..we should wait until we're comfortable..but
It's like..everytime I go to your house I feel like you
since you look at it as our only opportunity to be alone
you force the fucking around too..not all the time
~~~~obviously~~~~because I like it...but do you
understand??? Sometimes I just want to be able to hold
you...and just know that you're there....Also I think it's
a good idea to do this diary thing..but part of the reason
I had it up there..besides the whole venting thing was to
have it there for any of my friends who actually gave a
fuck..who cared enough to want to understand what is going
on in my I am either going to start another diary
or we can start one for us...where I write about all my
shit...I don't know (I would censor my diary for my friends
obviously..but you know I wanna be straight with
them...they don't need to know what we do though)...Tell me
what you wanna do. However, I'm going to continue to write
in this like you aren't there when I make entries so...if
you wanna do this then I have to be completely
scare me. I love you Jason.