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2001-11-13 16:31:49 (UTC)

Its been over a week...

Wow, its been like a week since I last wrote and so much has
happened since then...lets see if I can sum it up before I
head off to class....

Last Tuesday I went shopping with Nimra for hours and we
bought her all these things for her apartment and went to a
lot of different stores. Oh after going to Chi-Chi's for
lunch of course. That place is soo good!

Wednesday was A LOT of fun...Well I skipped out of work to
go to the library cuz I didn't feel prepared for my
Prob/stats exam...I grabbed some lunch with Nimra and then
went back to the library until Cathlin called me to pick her
up. I went to get her and we drove to NJIT where she did
some work while I took my exam and afterwards we drove to
Millburn to meet up with Jeff...When we finally got together
with him, we had such a great time...We went to lunch at
Gian Marco [the nice italian place that he and I went to a
while back] and had a really nice dinner. We just all
talked and talked and had a great time. After dinner we
went over to Short Hills Mall for a little while since we
had time to kill, but we were only there for a short while cuz the
places started closing down since it was almost 9 PM. It was still
early so we tried to figure out what else to do. No one wanted
coffee so we drove to Jeff's work, parked and walked to Charlie
Brown's for drinks. Jeff treated us all to 2 drinks and then we went
back to the lot and said by to him and I drove Cath home. Jeff and I
spent a lot of money that day, but it was totally worth it. I
haven't been able to celebrate Cath's birthday with her since before
college and the fact that her and Jeff get along so well is pretty
awesome too.

Thursday was just a day of classes, but I stopped off at work
afterwards to get Jeff's present that had arrived at the
office...Then I drove to Cath's house so I could give her her present
and wrap Jeff's. I helped her make an Excel grading sheet and then
we went to Starbucks for coffee before she went to work and I went

Friday was just a CRAZY CRAZY day of work and planning with Jeff for
the coming Monday, but boring otherwise.

Saturday was a good parents went to some party in the
afternoon and me and my sister just grandmother went to
a dinner with my aunt and uncle so when my parents came back, the
four of us went to Chi-Chi's....It was so nice being
there for once...My parents were in a good mood and everyone was just
talking and enjoying their food and genuinely having a good time. I
don't remember the last time we did that as a family. We came home
after 9 and my aunt and uncle came around 11 to drop my aunt off and
ended up hanging out until 2 AM!!

Sunday I just tried to catch up on work and went shopping [but came
back empty handed]...

Now Monday...that was an awesome AWESOME day....I drove to Jeff's in
the morning and got there around 9:30. We got his stuff together and
went shopping for some drinks and then packed up his car. We left my
car at his house and went to lunch at Chi-Chi's [I just can't get
enough!] so that was fun. After that we went back and got my car and
I followed him up to the hotel. We were staying at the Extended Stay was pretty easy to get to and the hotel was really
nice. We had a kitchen and everything! =-) So we got to the room
and unpacked and made ourselves and home. Around 3 PM or so we went
out to the Woodbridge Mall and around that area. We had such a great
time just window shopping and things like that. Just joking around
and what not. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel til we were
hungry for dinner...We went to Sher-e-Punjab in Edison and had some
good food. Afterwards, we went to the movies to watch "Shallow
Hal". That was a lotta fun. I was all affectionate with him and we
just enjoyed the movie. After the movie we stopped off at 7-11 to
get a slurpee cuz we heard they're good with Vodka =-) We got back
to the room and Jeff practically fell asleep. I was so wide awake
for some reason. I kept walking around the room and eating stuff and
reading magazines. It was so funny because Jeff kept saying "Go to
sleep, go to sleep!!" And finally I did go to sleep, but I didn't
sleep very well, like usual. I was all stuffy and just slept on and

Tuesday we got up around 8..I was so tired so Jeff actually got up
and got ready first. =-) We got ready, checked out and stopped off
at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. Then he drove to work and I drove to
school. Fun stuff. I had my classes and work and then I just went

Wednesday, I had work all day and then met up with Jeff at Millburn.
We went to a bunch of stores and then just hung out til I had to go.
We were both too tired to go out anywhere.

Thursday, just had my fun classes and went home. Cathlin came over
so we could keep each other company while we did work ...It was so
funny cuz she fell asleep while she was reading!

Today's the Indian New Year's so we've been getting calls all
day...Vikas' parents are coming over today and tomorrow we're going
to their house. Should be an interesting weekend.

Damn this is a long entry! I'm out!

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