Little Bird

Private Babbling
2001-11-13 15:57:24 (UTC)

Tired & Crabby Today

I hate it when people bitch about how little money they
make and then they go to Starbucks EVERY Morning to buy a
coffee and muffin for $5 , go to big ticket concerts, where
designer clothes, shop at Victoria’s Secret for their ‘body
spray’, live at home with Mommy and Daddy, drive new cars,
attend college and fake laugh at everything someone says.

It’s so stupid!

I am not bitter about the life I chose for myself. Things
would be different if I didn’t have kids but I don’t think
I would be a shallow little bitch.

I’m tired of surviving. I want to live. I try to open my
world everyday and get experience from many different
things. Hopefully this is teaching my kids how to live and
not just survive.

I must be doing something right because my daughter hugs
everyone and my son thinks I’m beautiful.

That’s all for today. I’m really tired from the weekend. I
took a 4-hour trail ride on Magic. She lost her baby a
couple weeks ago so I’m trying to get her back in shape to
sell her & also lift her spirits by spending time with her.

Just in case you wondering, I haven’t seen ‘Her’ in months
because she is blissfully happy with her g/f.

I haven’t talked to Amy at all. It feels kind of good

Charlie is on the big list of people I want to kill. In the
past couple months he has really aged. He didn’t look as
bad as he does now this past summer. I don’t think
I’m ‘seeing him for what he really is’. I think he is
seriously going down hill.

Chris, Charlie’s g/f still hates me. She says ‘Hi’ to me
through clenched teeth.

Comet is doing pretty good. I’m starting to work some other
horses so I leave him tied in the arena when I do it. He’s
learning to behave when there are horses in the arena.
Sunday he was rolling and pawing while tied. I just ignored

I have to get to work now, the bossy one is being a pain in
the ass. I hate her.