Cosmic Rain
2001-11-13 15:07:58 (UTC)


"...A person's beauty is in their energy...It is stronger
than anything visual and we sense it without knowing
how..~Heather Nova~..."

So I'm wide awake, thinking about peoples
energies..Thinking about people..Just thinking...It's
amazing that it seems endless..That if someone was to ask
me what was on my mind I couldn't even tell them...For it flows from one thing to another before I myself
have felt the change or caught up..My mind, my
sanctuary...Everything buzzes...Lightness going into
darkness, darkness going into lightness...

"...You say light only leads to dark..And your mind just
doesn’t spark And you didn’t shine for me...when I needed
you to be my lightness going into blackness..."

I did a "colorgenics" thingo in my boredom. From the
colours you choose and in what order it tells you about
you. Because these programs naturally know us better than
we know ourselves...And it sputtered out this little part
amongst all the other parts..

"....Sometimes one fears that its not worth formulating new
ideas and projects because whatever you seem to have some
in the past has never worked out... and you are tired of,
as they say, banging your head against a brick wall... No
one seems to care.. So now you are trying to get away from
it all by withdrawing into a "fantasy land" but
unfortunately "Fantasy Land" is just that... and sooner or
later you will have to return to reality ....."

Reality is brutal, harsh...Reminds us that we are indeed
alive..Reality is an all over body of pins and
needles..Sharp, stabbing and numbing...I sleep in my
head..I wake up to reality..I'm aware of reality more than
most people tend to think or believe...

It's just a matter of choice when to exercise that..Show
that..Live that..I just need to escape it sometimes..And
who doesn't want to at times??? We all do in our own little
ways that make me different from you and you different from
them...And the circumstances of my life from childhood to
now have kept me there at times..And it's what keeps me as
the person I am..The person that you see...

...It defines my energy...

"...Reality kicks..Late night flicks...And it’s only a dream
Running from the bear...That’s chasing me...Swimming down a
main road...As naked as can be...They've put her in the
freezer..Slipping through frozen ice..Don’t let the evil
man inside...Tops of your fingers painted silver..And you
would have died for that...My roads a street
parade...Linked to a vampire arm....Changing road signs
Kissing forbidden faces...And I made it to the New World
And took over their minds...."

...An entanglement of dreams....Now it's time to go there...