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2001-11-13 15:07:50 (UTC)

A RaPiST??!!??

okayz......... I wus juss thinkin, i juss finished havin
this "argument" wiff Tee's brotha on the net rite? and at
the end of the argument, he kept on calling me a Rapist!!
It made me think alot (and got me realllly pissed) That wut
happens if a do go out wiff Caleb? Tha real problem I'll
have, is when people start callin me Rapist or Cradle
Snatcher etc etc... OKAY, so Caleb is 5 years younger than
me, at first I didn't really mind and alwayz thought that
age is just a number, but ever since someone's called me
rapist (thanx to Tee's brother) Im startin to get scared
about going out wiff Caleb. All before this happened, I
was ready to say yes and I was also ready to tell everyone
about it so we dont have to hide it from anyone! But, now
I'm seriously thinking about it, and... im chicken shet
too! Its alright for him, coz he can brag about goin out
wiff someone thats older than him, but with me, it'll be
completely different!!! eh, my brains startin to hurt, its
3.57am and my eyez are STILL wide awake...

Tha whole thing wiff Shay is sweet now, She seems to like
Damon now and he likes her but theres this problem wiff his
parents. He's made it into a AKLD sportz team and they
dont wan't anything to ruin his concentration. Oh Yeah, I
mentioned to Danny about 5 yrs of pain and suffering
(apparently caused by me) and he doesn't even remember
saying it tha damn prick! So he doesn't remember why he sed
it. This otha nite, me, Angel and her sister went to his
house to drop off her boyfriend. And we were having this
big dispute about "C's" and "B's" (our surnames) and Damon
sed. "Well, B's can get anything out of C's, i did!"
(sumthing like that) and he went on and on about it and i
got sooooo angus coz i thought he was talking about me
getting wiff him. So i was bitchy to him that whole nite!
Anyways, a few days later, i met up wiff him at this
license course we were doing at the P.L. And he asked me
why i was so bitchy at him for. I told him and he laughed
and sed he didn't mean it like that, he was talkin about
his cousin and brother going out wiff my sister and
cousin!! So I got that TOTALLY wrong! He sed that he felt
stink now because now he knows why i was all bitchy towards
him. He sed that he'd never say anything like that about
me!! awwwwww!! But yeah, we're trying to hook him up with
Shay... so hopefully all that'll go well.

Anyways, Im not sure if Tee's brother knows about the whole
Caleb thingi or if he even meant the wordz "rapist" towards
the situation of me and Caleb. Tha only person that
would've told them would be Angel!! I know she's reading
this, so DONT WORRY SES, I dont care if you did tell them,
its just that its opened my eyez as to what other people
might think about me and Caleb going out... very sad very
sad i know, just when i thought everything was going sweet.

Anyways, I Gotta Bounce
PS: I still like him to the baddest even tho theres heaps
of stuff happenin!