My Life
2001-11-13 14:38:04 (UTC)


I don't mean the good one, I mean the hub's sister. Let me
start over so you have the whole picture. The 5yr old went
to spend the day with my mother-in-law on Sat. This was so
I could paint my living room and so the hub could look at
her truck. Anyway, while at her house they went to go look
at cats for Gigi's house,That was fine. Then the 5yr calls
me to say she got a SNAKE!!!! The sister-in-law bought it
for her. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? OK I can do this, I'm a
bigger person and don't want to upset the 5yr old. So after
going over their for dinner and seeing the ANIMAL. I think
it's not that bad. It will only get 30 in long so that's
not to bad. They tell me what they know about the SNAKE. (
which isn't a whole lot) So I call around and find out
about it and what it needs. The I call the SISTER_IN_LAW to
tell her what she has to help bye for the SNAKE. She
brought it home in this little fish bowl and it needed a 15
gallon tank, plus a big water dish that she can fit in. WE
also needed heating pads and some type of heta rock. WE had
none of this crape. Know I'm all for the sister-in-law
byeing her things that's not hte part the ticks me off it's
the animal part and what type of animal it is. Why would
you do that in the first place. Wouldn't you check with the
parents and see if it was ok first. When I caled her to
tell her what all the SNAKE needed she said and I quote.(
you could bring it back and I"ll get her a RABITT or
SOMETHING) NO thanks we'lll keep the SNAKE for now. it
atleast only eats small tuffy fish. When we went to get the
stuff for it she tried to get the 5yr to want a babt
JUST FINE THANKS TO YOU. More rantting later.