My Life
2001-11-13 14:31:20 (UTC)

feeling off today

I slept OK but feel off this a.m. Like I need coffee or
something to wake me up. I'm going to the gym tonight and
hoping maybe that will help. I just sometimes feel like I
have no energy, just want to be in bed, sleep. But I could
go to bed at a decent hour and most times I don't. I need
to take better care of myself.

My mom just called from CA before work and it did me good to
hear from her. I feel a little better.

I guess part of the problem is I don't know what the problem
is, I just feel blue a lot of the time lately.

I love that new song by Jewel, Standing Still. When I first
heard it, it made me think of the farmer. Is he going to
pass me by? Am I going to be the one on the side of the road
watching him pass me by? I don't want to be.