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2001-11-13 13:23:53 (UTC)

Tuesday Morning. Welcome Honey-Bear to the League of the Nice But Naughty

Dear Diary:
First, I want to welcome Honey-Bear to the league
of the Nice But Naughty. Congratulations and enjoy
your new found fame.

If I was a nice but not a naughty girl we would not be doing and enjoying what we are doing now would we and I told you I would turn you in to my nice but naughty honey-bear. I did. It is not so bad!!

We are still nice but we are naughty as well. But in a good way.

So welcome, my Nice But Naughty Honey-Bear!!!!

Nice but Naughty is an elite club. Got You!!!

Today I pay bills. Oh Joy. I have to community
store to get some jeans. I do not like them
but Nice But Naughty Honey-Bear wants to see
me in jeans. I perfer black over denim blue though.

So I am out of here.

Love, Nice But Naughty AmericanIrishRose
Karissa Anne