Rach's thoughts
2001-11-13 12:20:51 (UTC)

Wonderfuly horrible

So I'm slightly less rushed today. I'm so confused as to
what I'm doing and where I'm going that I think I just need
to sit down for five mins and chill.
I'm meeting A for coffee later so I can suttely ask him what
he wants for a leaving present from everyone. How do you act
around the guy that you like but couldn't do anything with
but now you can but you're now involved with someone else!?
God my life is wonderful and horibbly at the same time. I
don't think that I could be that horrible to them that I
would date them both but it's looking like a better option
by a long way. How AM I going to fit it in with everything
else. I mean I only see T 3 days a week. Then again I could
spend Sunday, Monday and Wednesday with A and Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday with T. Chances that I could keep that
up for more that a couple of weeks? Like none but it would
be fun trying.
Anyway All will be good soon.
Love and light

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