Julia's Rants
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2001-11-13 12:07:39 (UTC)


Mr. Porter is going to be furious. But he'll have to live.
This is just the morning, and I'm already having a bad day.
I can't find the various permission slip stuff I need. I
can't find my shirt. I can't find my keys. I'm tired, I'm
sick. On top of all that, a plane crashed less than ten
miles away from my grandma yesterday (in New York. She's
okay, but still. I worry. I think I'm just going to come
straight home. I will give Crystal a note to give him for
me. I am courteous (besides, I want to stay on the team.) I
hope he doesn't kill me. I'm just having a hard day. I'm
going to come straight home, do my homework, take a nap, and
clean my room until it is finished. This is the only bit of
internet I'm going to do all day. That is my pledge. Now,
the question is, can I keep it? Dear Lord, please don't
make Mr. Porter furious with me.