De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2001-11-13 11:31:01 (UTC)

Countdown to the End (3 days)

Tuesday 13/11/01

3 more days and all of us will leave Weir house.. feeling
kindof sad already... the memories here will forever be

settled much adminstration on monday..changed my airticket
dates and did some work on the permit application... guo
kai and I were so bored that we went to catch The Fast and
The Furious , in the evening show...the cinema was really
empty... but it was an entertaining show..lotsa stylish
cars...really cool...

tuesday... was the final exam day for David and Luke... we
met in the labs at noon and then headed downtown for
lunch...and randomly walked around town , b4 heading
to the cinema(again) for Zoolander.. hilarious show..albiet anti-
malaysian..dunno why..

we headed back after the movie..david will be workin at the Waitangi
Tribunal for the summer.. while lookin out for a real job..while Luke
will be at TranzRail still..earning good money... it rained the
whole day today..soo that sucked...

evening, i went house huntin with DJ and Guo Kai.. the
houses we viewed were quite okay i guess..althgouh they
looked a bit run-down..but i guess that's jus the housing
standards here...for cheap rentals that is : P i guess i'll
probably settle for the flat on thursday..after viewing a
few more...

night, we were walking back when some gal in Weir flashed
herself at me and DJ!!! hahaha..she must be really drunk
from end-of-exam i was a few days
back...really...never drink after end of exams, will make a
fool of yourself.. : P

more house0huntin tomoro...