Damsel in Distress

Ad 3:
2001-11-13 08:07:00 (UTC)


aaron suggested this new sex toy. check it out
www.sybian.com its weird. i want one.
check it out a few demonstrations of it. hehe. its kinda
crazy, but that looks like it gives so much pleasure. i
dont mind telling ppl i want that. hehe. anyways, i am
always horny. it sucks. that is part of the reason why i
need a stable boyfriend. i need a guy to be there for me
when i am horny. i need a guy who is intelligent, sweet,
just an all around great personality. i am not too picky, i
just need someone to keep up with me. i have enough
options, but i need to explore them. its hard to explore
them all. anyways, i never know there is always more
options than i know. hehe.
i would say im sorry for being horny all the time, but im
not sorry for being who i am. i respect who i am and i am
grateful that i am the way i am. i am proud of myself and i
wouldnt change a single thing about myself.
-damsel in distress

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