Little Bitca

Words spilling from my brain
2001-11-13 08:06:51 (UTC)

hello there

Since last Wednesday i've been scared to be in my house.
i've allways had this dreams of someone coming in and
killing me, or raping me, or burning me...but they never
had afected me. now i can't even sleep when i'm here. i'm
afraid to even go out of my room, and i'm a fraid to stay
in it. thank God that Gerardo lives so close and i can go
crying to him when i'm afraid. He's really nice, at least
to me (i say that cause people think he can be arrogant
sometimes). I felt really dumb actually telling him that i
was afraid to be in my house the first time i went crying
to him, but it's ok, he makes it all, his bed
is really comfortable LoL and i can at least sleep some
Everything else has been well, just the usual. Oh yeah!
except i had my first two tests from homeschooling,
Saturday and Sunday. Math and English. Math was not really
hard, but i didn't even finish the book so i don't know how
that's gonna come out like, i hope good, i think i answered
most right. And English...i am ashamed i even had to take
that test, ir was the easiest thing. That book i didn't
even tart reading. I live in Mexico, and i guess that's the
high-school level for english, but gosh! i saw those things
when i was in 3rd grade! i was in a private school, adn
there's a HUGE difference between public and private here
in Mexico.
i went to the movies with my sister on Friday after drum
and voice lessons. We saw 'The Others' it was cool, kinda
hehe, it scared the crap out of me...i normally don't get
scared by movies, but as i explained before, i'm not
feeling any secure lately. it was late, we then went to the
coffee house and chatted away for a while, it's kind of a
tradition we have, i'm sure gonna miss it...I then went to
the movies with Tasha, we saw 'princess diaries' wich was
really crappy cause it was in spanish, i hate when they do
that to movies Lol. it was weird, i never had gone out on
Sunday if it wasn't with family.
Thursday is gonna be Javier's birthday. i think i hadn't
mentioned him here before. He is a friend of mine, he's
gonna turn 14. He is one grade under me, and always has. i
really don't know how we got to be friends, he was a friend
of a friend of a friend Lol. we didn't really talk much
until he began to call me Daria (from the MTV show?) and i
gess that's how we began to talk. We've been talkign more
lately, but i don't really want to get close to him, afraid
to be hurt as always. We are pretty alike...haha well
anywho, thursday is his birthday and he invited me over to
his house. There's gonna be some local bands playing, i
think he's gonna play something too. i think i'll go, get
out of here for a while and have fun.
My sister is going off to study to Tamaulipas. She decided
she is going in January...i knew she was gonna go, but i
never thought it would be so soon. I'm trying not to think
about that. i don't want to get sad or get her sad. i'm
really gonna miss her. She's my best friend (only bester!)
ok, that was kinda quoted, but whatever. She's gonna spend
Christmas here, and my birthday (yay!). i think she'll come
every holiday and spring and summer breaks. i guess it's
gonna be ok.
i helped my brother with his schoolwork today. That was a
HUGE 'wow!' for my parents, and for me. i'll explain why
later, maybe tomorrow.
Wow, i think i made this quite long, i'm gonna go now, i
have to write an email, and i want to try and get some
sleep today. Bye!