hello kitty cat
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2001-11-13 07:28:22 (UTC)

Jason #1

I thought this might be a good idea, but I'm about to open
my own diary. I just wanted to post this on yours. If you
want to though, we can keep the same diary and I'll title
all of my posts so that we know it's me. It's just a good
way to keep track of all of our feelings throughout the
relationship, so we can look back down the road and
laugh/cry/puke...u know whatever emotion comes from it...
I LOVE YOU KELLY! I truely do. I'm sorry you felt numb the
other night when we had sex, but I felt like something
wasn't right as well. Tonight was nice though, but one of
those horny things. Maybe we should wait a while, for the
right time. When we're both comfortable, and everything is
perfect. I don't know, *shrugs*. I just want you to be ok
with everything that happens between us, because I don't
want to push you to far or to fast, and I don't want to
hurt you. What happened to you when you were supposed to
call tonight? Well I'm sure you fell asleep or something.
I'll call you in between classes.

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