A Day In The Life Of Me
2001-11-13 07:22:11 (UTC)

I'm outta here

Well it's pretty much official. Another one of the mines is
closing in the area which brings it to a total of 6 mines
in the last few years and only 2 still operating in the
county. Which may not sound like a big deal, but it means
our community has just fell apart even more. ANd I'm also
going to lose my job at the bank.

So now it is not a question of Whether or not I am moving,
it is WHEN I am moving. I will probably apply for a
transfer to another Bank of America branch somewhere. Maybe
in Reno or Vegas, I don't know. I qualify for full-time
hours now and there are a few FT openings in the two
cities. I haven't really looked outside the state. But I am
kinda leaning towards Las Vegas because I can go to UNLV
while I am there and major in something.

I just need an apartment first.