Flowers On the Razor-Wire
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2001-11-13 05:48:56 (UTC)


Hmmmmm..... I set this damn thing up about a month and
a half ago.... guess I oughta start using it, huh? Well.
Err..... this is my diary. I am Ed. I live in Hamden,
which is in southern Connecticut. I'm about 10 minutes
from New Haven and the Yale University campus, if that
means anything to you.
So.... welp, I guess I should say a little about
myself. I wish I could sit back and say I'm just your
average type of guy, trying to make sense of this great big
crazy world, but I'm not, so I can't. Quite honestly, I've
never met anyone in the world like me. I'm still trying to
figure out exactly who I am, and where I fit into this
massive, cluttered amalgamation of thoughts and dreams we
call Earth.
I have the feeling there's something inside me that
can change the world, they way people think, the way
everything works. I can't seem to get it out though. It
will be unleashed someday, though. One morning, I will
wake up, and this energy will be too strong to contain. I
will know exactly what I have to do. And for once in my
life I will feel like this soul has accomplished something
worthwhile. This is Ed, waiting...

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