changing lanes
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2001-11-13 05:22:48 (UTC)

to play or not to play

well since i last wrote not much has changed. B and i are
still doin our thing and Steves in jail since he violated
his house arrest. I don't know how long I can live in this
secracy though its miserable living here with him and
always having people over (B has a studio down stairs)
everyday all day. I never get to touch him or talk to him
until everyone is gone and its starting to get really
irratating(SP?) Steve is seeing a girl who is his sisters
best friend (the same girl who I gave alot of ayannas toys
and clothes to because her man wasn't shit when she was
pregnant) I mean i even went to her baby shower and cooked
her food and I guess I'm mad that hes fuckin with another
girl but to have be someone I know is really fuckin wrong.
THEN AGAIN i sleep with his friend every night ---oh well I
still hate him!!!!!!Anyway B got a record deal and
hopefully will be bringing home alot of money real soon:) I
really care about him but i have been really weary about
letting go and telling him how i feel because i don't know
if hell feel the same and I CAN NOT GET HURT.....Ill write
again soon

peace to all my fans and thanks for the encouraging notes
luv leigh