Damsel in Distress

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2001-11-13 04:59:59 (UTC)


aaron is so sweet. he likes cats. he can keep up with me
sexually. hehe. i wanna fuck him so badly. i wanna fuck
tony so badly. i already fucked T but i wanna fuck him
again. i wanna fuck david so badly. i wanna fuck paul so
badly. im just horny, i wouldnt fuck them all. they are all
great guys and i would go for any of them. hehe. they all
have their own personalities, but all of them are great. i
would work with any of them. anyways, not much to say. my
life is mostly school, but i cannot stop thinking about
sex. i am almost off my period thank god. i am addicted to
my vibrator, and i still have while i was on my period, but
the clean up sucks. tomarrow i will have great fun with
less mess. hehe. im a girl and i masturbate i admit it.
-damsel in distress