lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2001-11-13 04:27:48 (UTC)

just a spoonful of sugar...

i now know what that song means. ok so listen to this cuz
i had a giant epiphany and it relates to my life and you
might need to hear it, too. say something bad is going on
in life (which, frequently it is)...well, you can have a
whole lump of bad stuff in life, but with just a little
eensy bit of good stuff, you'll be able to handle it.
amen. i couldn't have said it better, mary.

so there have been bad things:

-david yelled at me this weekend, and he's NEVER acted mean
to me like that. maybe 2 years of bitterness suddenly
surface, hmm?

-i can't have surgery for at least 3 weeks

-my whole container of ck truth leaked into my gym bag and
there is not a drop left

-tension, tension, tension...friends/parents/teachers

-VERY little sleep over the last few days

-everyone's been talking about boys...getting up...and i am SO not in that
process and i was okay with it but now it's hit again full
throttle and it just needs to stop!!

so yes, a fair share of stinky things, quite a tangent, i
know...but this weekend i had a chance to do cool worship
at south hills, meet really neat christian people, and
tonight i sat on my roof and memorized "be thou my vision"
because that is the most beautfiul song in the world. and
oh my gosh, not that you care too much, but ya know how
every hymn in a hymn book has a verse w/ it? well the one
w/ "be thou my vision" is psalm 73:25...yes, kids. my