Absolute Mayhem
2001-11-13 03:58:46 (UTC)

i sooo called it

lol. lol. LOL. LMAO...LMLAAO. lol. ok. ill stop. i just got
a fit of the giggles. ;-) yep. i soo called it. i got off
the fone with adam like an hour ago. we were talkn online
and he told me to put something about him in his i put "something about MEE" lol. and he was
like no. look at mine. and it said (direct quote) "JESSICA
SHOULD WANT TO DATE HER!!!!!!!!;-)" lol. i was just like
wow. i knew he was one of my best friends..but i didnt know
he thought the same way. lol. anyway. yeah. then outta
nowhere..hes just like "ya know, i still like
wasn't just today though...i have even when we kinda broke
up" that there i kinda second guessed...but i had shoved
that thought out of my mind earlier last week cuz i thought
i might be wishfully thinking and imagining it. anyway
yeah..he called at like 7:20 and we were just talkn. lol.
and i talked to our friend Jason McMain who was over. and
then like an hour later...jason was off doing whatever with
adams new computer... and he brought the subject of "us"
up. and well we talked about it for alot less time than
last time...(only like 15 min...) and i came to a
conclusion (he wanted me to make up my mind this time..last
time he kinda picked) and well now we are giong to give
this a third try. lol. third time's a charm. lol. if you
can even really count the first time we went out in seventh
grade. lol. haha. those were the funny days. so hopefully
this doesnt weird us out again after a few
wish us luck and love! lol. and then we got to talkn about
the future...and he's like yeah thatd be funny if we got
married and we were both nurses (neither of us will ever be
nurses) and then hes like no..will u come and live with me
on the air force base? lol. duh..thats a yes yes. lol. and
we were both like no kids (no patience) (and the idea of
mini adams and jessicas scares us a bit). lol. anyway yeah.
he called saturday nite too..but couldnt get through for an
hour and half cuz my friend A and i were online. lol. oops. yeah that
woulda been nice. anyway, im going to the STP girl game on thursday
and so is haha. i know what ur thinking allie..oh they go again. lol. ;-) allie...ill help ya
in any way shape or form that i can. lol. i got a vball banquet
coming up this weekend...but also a CYM meeting...that would be fun
to go to...but adams not gonna be there soo...i think ill choose to
go to alexanders! lol. well g2g. i have homework still.

~peace~love~and bullet proff marshmellows~
~with an x and an o, this girls out like whoah~