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My Saga
2001-11-13 03:40:32 (UTC)

It felt like a Thursday

I finally got a 90 on my derivatives test... but I still
need to try for a 100...
My mother is being incredibly anal. I was online for about
half an hour earlier, and I just got on (it's 10:30), and
she's {I don't know what to call her tone of voice...
there's not really a word for it... I usually
say "yelling", but she's not really... it's this grating,
annoyed, slightly louder than it should be sound... at any
rate, it is the most succesful thing at making me feel like
pullint my hair out of my head.} and she's complaining
that I need to spend more time on school work, and that I
am goofing off too much (granted, I am, but I am very good
at concealing it, and as far as she knows, I've just spent
4 1/2 hours studying... you'd think I could get a
break...), apparently she's coming back downstairs if I'm
not in bed in 10 minutes... oooohh, scary!
That was a nice little tangent, but as for today, it really
did feel like a Thursday... I've kept having to convince
myself that it wasn't. Which was kinda weird. I've got a
lot of anatomy stuff this week *groans*... so, to sum today
up: I learned many (yea right) fascinating things,
exchanged math notes with kris in the hall, shelled pecans,
and shall now go to sleep.... later, after I finish "The
Fellowship of the Ring", which I am FINALLY getting around
to finishing... I've only been trying since I was 10.

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