The gnarly adventures of Stormo
2001-11-13 03:38:01 (UTC)


Right now I'm waiting. Some courier dude is meant to be
bringing a passport, so I hafta wait around so i can sign
for it. It's a bitch, he should have been here at the
latest half an hour ago. Man so far i've always been
complaining in here. but see I really wanna go to the gym,
and I can't until this dude shows up. And I wanna go get
some more bleach to put a few more streaks in my hair.
I'm trying to study for this exam, it's the only one I
really have, unless that one on concrete and timber and
masonry and all that shit counted as an exam. So I'm
thinking like "dude you really should study for like the
one proper exam you have". I'm gonna try and make an effort
to get there on time this semester to. Last semester I was
late because I missed the one train that goes out to the
place. I lost another pound to.
Hope he shows up soon so I can go!