My problems.
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2001-11-13 03:31:27 (UTC)

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What a day... I woke up as usual and took a shower,
went online, talked to Steph and then heard about the
plane crash. Horrible. My heart goes out to the victims
and their families. Its a horrible thing to happen and I
give my condolences.

Then I went to Krissy's house and hung out there will
we were doing our Economics project. What a time we
had. First I got there and Angela gave me a twinkie that
she later ate herself. Then I took my phone out for
some strange reason and Angela took it and put it in
her pocket. Later on we were fighting over Krissy's
sister's year book and my phone dropped so I grabbed
it and Angela wanted it back so she bit my thumb really
hard and then she bit my wrist and then my other wrist.
Lots of pain. Now I got marks on my hands and they
hurt but I took the pain like a man lol. We ate pizza and
breadsticks and stuff and Angela was pretty mean but I
know she was just playing around... Or atleast i thought
she was =D.

Then my phone started to ring and it was in Angela's
pocket and she was goin bonkers over trying to get it
out and it was vibrating. So she took it out a lil' after the
phone stopped ringing and it was my mom's cell. So i
called them back and they told me I had to go...
Because we had to move games all day... BORING.

So we went outside and I tried to get my phone back
from Angela and she starts to scream RAPE and stuff.
it was funny. Then my dad drives into the driveway like
a madman and I left. Only to move games for the rest
of the day . Just too much fun.

So then after we were all done moving games we went
to the PERKINS we ate at when I saw the TWINC I
license plate. So we ate and left. In the VAN my mom
turned on the radio and I thought to myself what if IM
REAL started to play. Sure enough as shes flipping
through the channels she stops on IM REAL.
FREAKY!!!!!!!!! What does it mean? Prolly just a
coincedence I guess.

So now I'm here at home. Talking to Angela and shes
being kinda mean but I know she doesn't mean to be. I
am writing a poem but its pretty dumb I think... Here it


I fell for her,
My true best friend.
But she doesn't feel the same way,
And that kinda hurts inside.
Nothing I can do,
Nothing at all.
People tell me to let her go
And to get over her,
But how can you get over something
You feel is right?
I've known her so long,
Gotten to know her so well
And it just feels right
But everyone tells me to get over her.
I can't stop feeling the way I do
Towards her.
No one understand what it feels like
Talking to her everyday,
Being with her everyday,
Feeling the way I do.
But its something I'll have to deal with
Until my one dream comes true, again.

I've been thinking about my life these past few hours and I realize
that I love my life. I really do. I know things could be better but I've
learned to deal with what I have. Good friends. Friends are the
people you can have fun with, and I feel as though I have some
of the best friends a guy could have. I am doing pretty good in
school too because I've been actually going this year. So my life
isn't half bad but I just precieve it in a different way. I've learned
to appreciate what I've GOT!


-- I was looking at peoples profiles a few minuites ago and I
came across this poem..... it sums up a lot of how I feel towards
someone.... Check it out.

"My feelings for you I can't keep inside
My thoughts and dreams I can no longer hide
I want to tell you how much I care for you
But I'm scared of what might happen and of what is true
Scared of loving and of letting someone love me
us, together, why can't we just be
Scared of hurting our friendship now that we understand
Because last time you wanted to walk with her hand in hand
But now things are different and I still want to be with you
However I'm scared and I don't know what to do
Don't know whether to listen to my head or follow my heart
Don't know what to say or even where to start
So scared of love of feelings and such
Why's it gotta be like this when I want you so much"