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2001-11-13 00:31:23 (UTC)

Sunday and Monday nights - heart versus toughs

My friend Mel was so lonely but among her false friends.
They really don't mind about her. By anything she thinks
I'm mad about her. Maybe because of lack of experience of
her short life. I tried to be near from her. But she
couldn't be in same place. We are apart each other in own
islands. We can see each other. But only by googles that
can't show our faces at time.
I told her there is only one way to recover her. She doesn't
believe anything I say. Price to proof her myself is so
expensive. I would need to make something that shows to
a blind, dumb people that I really mind about. Words ran
out. Last week I could say about Love. Is it Mercury
conjunct with Sun disguising what Venus can do for love.
I will try to hug her instead of telling poems my heart
wanted to say her. But I can't feel pain everytime I can
tell her my heart wanted to say.
Why I feel it. May of this year she said in background
from heart that she loved me. Her friend was asking me if
I could be in love with some people. My heart was who heard
all those three words. My friend Mel made other things as
calling me. Minding about me. Serving me candies. By time
my heart did like her heart. I can't realize I like her.
My heart doesn't mind about it. Only may love her because
she was so good to me. I was so good to my Petcat. It loved
me even I wasn't ideal owner. May I like her as my cat liked
Love doesn't become in Hate. Forgive me and recover path
to happiness. Love don't hate to try to save Mel. Give me
faith to do not see enemies but only the love she felt for
me. Only will could save her is the best I ever could do.